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Balmain Hospital - Metropolitan hospital - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

About Balmain Hospital

Balmain Hospital is a community-based healthcare facility that has been caring for local people since 1885. It is dedicated to Aged Care, Rehabilitation and General Practice. Balmain Hospital is committed to providing the highest standards of healthcare to meet individual needs.

Address: 29 Booth Street, Balmain NSW 2041

Phone: +(02) 9395 211

Fax: (02) 939 52020

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Balmain Hospital is a facility operating within Sydney Local Health District. Departments and services at our facility include:

General Practice Casualty (GPC): Provides general practice services treating minor illnesses and injuries for patients when their General Practitioner is unavailable.

Hospital in the Home: Provides services for patients requiring intravenous or other specialised therapies to treat a skin infection, pneumonia or a blood clotting disorder.

Aged Care Wards: Provides assessment and treatment of medical conditions in the elderly.

Rehabilitation Ward: Provides patients with various types of therapy to improve their physical abilities and regain as much independence as possible before they leave hospital.

Transitional Care Unit: Provides up to 12 weeks of inpatient support for older people who are medically stable but need to complete their recovery and organise their living arrangements.

Outpatients Department: Provides a variety of services, such as acupuncture, podiatry and physiotherapy, to meet the health needs of the community.

Outpatient Departments

At Balmain Hospital, we have a variety of outpatient services to meet the health needs of the community. Outpatient services include:

General Medicine/Aged Care Clinic
Monday 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Diabetes Clinic 
Monday 9:30am - 12:00pm (fortnightly)

Continence Clinic
Thursday 9:30am - 12:00pm

Centre for STRONG Medicine
Monday to Friday, various session times

Acupuncture Clinic
Tuesday 2:00pm - 5:00pm, Thursday 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Podiatry Clinic
Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30am - 4:00pm


Physiotherapy - individual treatments, pulmonary rehabilitation group, cardiac rehabilitation, falls group and Tai Chi
Various session times
To make an appointment
9395 2265
9395 2265
General Medicine/Aged Care 
9395 2265
9395 2265
Continence Clinics 
9395 2265
Podiatry Clinic
9767 7395
9395 2093
Centre for STRONG Medicine
GP or Specialist will need to submit a referral. You will then be contacted about an initial consultation

General Practice Casualty

Balmain Hospital provides general practice services treating minor illnesses and injuries for patients when their General Practitioner is unavailable.

People of all ages are welcome to visit the General Practice Casualty when they are unwell or have been injured. Approximately 30% of presentations involve children.

General Practice Casualty
Opening Hours 
8:00am – 10.00pm
Monday to Sunday

The General Practice Casualty is supported by an X-Ray Department from 9.00am - 4.30pm daily, plus pathology services Monday through to Friday.


The rehabilitation ward at Balmain Hospital is called the John Beasley Ward and it has 26 beds. Most patients on this ward have been transferred after a stay at another hospital, such as Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Rehabilitation patients may have suffered from a stroke, a serious injury or a brain tumour.

Rehabilitation Specialists decide what types of therapy each patient needs to improve their physical abilities and regain as much independence as possible before they leave hospital and return home.

Rehabilitation therapy can include care from medical specialists, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dieticians and psychologists. The ward is staffed by doctors and nurses 24 hours a day.

Rehabilitation patients are not seen as being sick. They are encouraged to do as much for themselves as they can, with the Rehabilitation Team there to support the patient as much as they need during their recovery. Rehabilitation is an ongoing activity to regain strength, restore mobility and increase independence. Staff can help patients to set goals for their recovery.

Aged Care

There are two aged care wards (also known as geriatric wards) at Balmain Hospital. They are called Lever Ward and Wakefield Ward, and both wards have 26 beds. Most patients on these wards have been transferred after a stay at another hospital, such as Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Patients on these wards are elderly people with medical conditions. Patients receive medical care which is managed by a Specialist Geriatrician. Medical investigations, such as blood tests and X-Rays, are performed on-site.

Care is provided by medical specialists, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dieticians and psychologists. The wards are staffed by doctors and nurses 24 hours a day.

Patients are encouraged to maintain their independence and participate in the planning of their care as much as possible. If they are well enough, patients may also engage in rehabilitation therapy during their stay.

These wards provide sub-acute care. This means that if a patient becomes critically ill while staying at Balmain Hospital and needs intensive medical treatment, they may be transferred to an acute hospital, such as Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Transition Care

Balmain Hospital also operates a Transition Care Unit. Patients are admitted to the unit from other hospitals across Sydney Local Health District. The Unit offers an extended patient stay of up to 12 weeks, providing short-term support for older people who are medically stable but who need time to complete their recovery. Transition care helps patients to maximise their mobility and independence, and gives patients time to finalise their living arrangements.

The Transition Care Unit provides a home-like environment. You can wear your regular clothing and footwear in the Unit, and you are welcome to bring comforts from home, such as special pillows or doonas for a single bed. A washing machine and dryer are available in the Unit for use by patients free of charge.


Balmain Hospital is a community-based healthcare facility that has been caring for local people since 1885. We promote a culture of excellence in aged care and rehabilitation nursing. Our staff are committed to the delivery of evidence-based healthcare, and we provide quality services to meet the individual needs of all of our patients.

Our nurses play a very special role in patient recovery, acting as caregivers, teachers, coordinators, motivators and patient advocates. They encourage patients to maintain their independence where possible, but provide them with as much support as they need during their recovery. Nursing staff work in partnership with other health professionals in the Hospital to achieve the best patient outcomes. Specialist nurses are available for consultation and education purposes.

At present, we have a unique mix of highly experienced staff, in addition to new graduate nurses who are being mentored by more senior members of the nursing team.

The Centre for STRONG Medicine

The Centre for STRONG Medicine uses exercise-based medicine to treat disease in older people. It is involved in the treatment of inpatients and outpatients of Balmain Hospital. 
Diseases which are specifically targeted by STRONG Medicine include conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, depression, stroke, osteoporosis and diabetes.

The Centre for STRONG Medicine is the first centre of its kind in Australia and has been functioning for over 10 years. It is a leading researcher in the area of depression, hip fracture and diabetes, and provides education to health professionals

Opening Hours / Visiting Times

Hospital Administration (and Hospital Main Entrance)

Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

The General Practice Casualty

Open seven days a week from 8am to 10pm.

Visiting Hours

Balmain Hospital does not have prescribed visiting hours for patients, families, friends and carers. To ensure the optimal treatment, care and comfort of all patients, please comply with the instructions given by Balmain Hospital staff.

Please note that therapy is very important for Balmain Hospital patients. If the patient has a therapy session, visitors may be asked to leave for short periods of time. 

If you visit on weekends or after 5pm on weekdays, please enter the Hospital via the General Practice Casualty as the Main Entrance is closed.

Balmain Hospital Reviews

Leave feedback about the Balmain Hospital. Your opinion is important and will be useful to all. This will help us improve our services provided to our patients.

We appreciate your feedback and comments.

Justine C.

The in-patient experiences aren't too crash hot here at this medical facility; especially from experiences of family members. Although hospital's aren't our favourite establishments to frequent; however I found the out patients service simple and fairly quick. Like any public health care service as a public patient; you need to expect to wait at times: this is part of the game; although it was fantastic to be the only facility in Sydney (let alone Australia) to be offered acupuncture for half an hour on Medicare, and by fully qualified doctors as well; who have done additional acupuncture study on top of their medical degrees. 
It can be quite painful, yet I started off this program fatigued and lethargic, and six weeks later (one session a week) I was feeling fabulous, and so kept going for a little bit longer for a bit of maintenance, and Dr Boyle was just sensational. 
A great health care facility to offer natural treatments on Medicare; they also offer the same for Homeopathy. Another let down is that their casualty is not open 24 hours 7 days a week; after a certain time you have to go to RPA and your waiting around for ages for something so simple which could be fixed up here in a matter of minutes.

Greg H.

i wish to thank balmain hospital for the lack of care given to my father
he was in wakefield ward for 2 days.when i came to visit i was verbaly abused by an angry woman who clearly should not be in aged care.she told me if my dad did not curb his tongue she would put his bed out in the street with him in it.he is 88 years old and losing his mind but she could not fathom that.he does not know what he is saying at most times and also to whom he is talking to.he is abusive at times because of his illness and i have been the brunt of his foul abuse on several occasions only to take it on the chin knowing of his state of mind.he has been accesed by ACAT and deemed high care and waiting for respite care to be later sent to an age care home.the carer,i believe named donna,short hair died  blue was very aggressive verbally to me about my father and she clearly showed she did not like her job and was totally indifferent to my dad`s needs.i feel sorry for all the other patients in your hospital thinking are all the other carers and nurses like that.i dearly hope not.
i will never give any good reviews for balmain hospital based on the discussion i had today with the angry lady,donna.
please review her job description and place her accordingly.maybe cleaning the tiolets but dealing with old age people is not he forte..
i will be considering taking this matter further to the state government and maybe to the radio stations.this person should not be working with people or animals
greg hague
p.s the only reason i gave 1 star was to complete this e-mail

Deborah Garrett
Balmain Hospital has once again been a life saver. Thank you to the staff who took such incredible care and concern over the new year period to dress and look after a wound. Thanks particularly to Susan, Lily, Paul and Lynda in emergency for your knowledge and experience.
Everyone are so friendly and helpful! Best hospital!

Justine Crowley
I am forever grateful for this hospital for treating two burnt fingers on my left hand from a cooking accident three years ago. I did all of the right things prior to presenting to the GP casualty ward (like applying an abundance of cold water to my burns) yet they obviously needed medical attention. The triage nurse was fantastic, my ID band goes on and I take my seat in the waiting room area. I was called right away (despite a fair few other patients waiting for treatment), and was ushered into my own room. The care was outstanding, and the doctors' examination was also thorough. My burns were bandaged up nicely, and I healed quite quickly, and was (to my surprise) able to resume work in my business the very next day as if nothing had happened.

The medical gel applied worked wonders. This hospital saved my two burnt fingers from nerves being damaged, and even today these fingers are as good as new, as if no injury had happened at all.

Balmain Hospital is a fantastic public hospital with friendly and professional medical staff. Thank you ever so much.

Garry Stewart
First of all I would like to thank all the Dr's and staff that help me .
I infection in my leg and I had to visit the hospital every day for almost 2 mths and the staff and Dr's are all wonderful and the quality of care could not have been any better

Kate Brown
Manager John Sheehy should be reprimanded for the words that come out of his mouth. He speaks to female staff in a sexual, derogatory way. It’s disgusting! Not only that, this hospital should be investigated as there are some dodgy Nurses with not so hidden drug addictions. Following incorrect protocol’s of signing out Scheduled 8 medication more for their personal use than their patients. I would not send my worst enemy to this hospital, go here to die a slow painful death in an absolute filth of a hospital. John sheehy needs to be investigated as he is a sexual predator!

Koray Eti
Checked-in first time to Balmain Hospital this morning
With fractured ribs , after waiting more than an hour in pain have to leave for a decent hospital.Thanks for no help.,

Sally Trevena
We are so lucky to have this excellent service in our neighbourhood. wonderful doctors and nurses. Thank you!

Derek Mortimer
Balmain is wonderful little hospital. I recently had to make repeated visits and everyone from front office in emergency to doctors and nursing staff could not have treated me better. I was not just a patient, I was a person. They explained to me what was happening, and why. They were patient and re-assuring. A top team.

Nicholas Ferrar
The doctors and nurses were extremely nice and friendly.

The Dr recommended the best local pubs in my area as I'm new to Sydney and they made me feel a lot better in general about how I got here.

Look out for cars on the road folks.

Ana Sousa
My father has been at the hospital for about 2 weeks i must say that the nurses are friendly but unfortunately not enough stuff therefore long waits for someone to come and attend to a patient. The hospital itself I found not very clean and he in fact i had to complain for the lack of higene considering that most patients are elderly and prone to infection.

Since writing the above review my father has been admitted again to Balmain Hospital level 5 which I must say has changed a lot its now quite clean the nurses are around more often the service has improved a lot which is very positive for the patients and the visitors we were quite impressed how clean it looks compared to the last time my father was in Hospital thank you for taking notice and making the changes
Went to the casualty, friendly, efficient and quick. The hospital is not that busy

Rosemary Brooker
Unable to get any information about patients “don’t know anything about who is here” not exactly helpful, eh?

Tax 101
This hospital is a little gem. I had an infected leg and checked in to see a Dr. It took less than 15 minutes and I was checked over by two very helpful nurses. The Dr then had a look at my leg and before I knew it they were treating it. I had follow up visits each day thereafter for penicillin IV and was introduced to different medical staff. They were very professional as one would expect, provided top quality patient care and exceed my expectations. I do hope they never get rid of this hospital as it is a resource of the peninsula area and a hidden gem of a public hospital.

na T
great service , excellent nurses, they must have a lot of patience, its not eay to deal with elderly. I went to see my uncle this morning, I could see and feel hoe my uncle had been well looked after. No ords to describe their brilliant job.

Gaz05 Boy
This is where you go to die

mizzbxx_23 SK*RM
Nurse's and doctors are very nice and friendly.

Linda Doggett
I think this hospital and their staff is appalling due to the way they treat and deal with visitors. They made false and misleading allegations against me, that they acted on, saying I had the intentions of drink driving with one of their current patients. Ps I don't drink alcohol .

Sangeeta Rani
Excellent service and nice staff

Ben Eden
This place is good

Richard Costello
My sister works here :)