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Sydney eye Hospital Emergency Medicine - 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 votes

Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital offers quality health care to city residents, workers, visitors and tourists. Our specialist services attract patients from all over NSW.

Clinical services provided are a 24hr Emergency Department (for eyes and general) and outpatient departments (eyes, general and hands). Clinical wards include Eyes, Hands, ENT and General Medicine as well as the Peri-Operative Suite. There is an eight-level car park under the hospital, accessed by Hospital Road, and managed by Metro Parking.

Emergency Department

The Sydney and Sydney Eye Hospital operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide timely, quality care to acutely unwell and injured persons.
Call 000 in an emergency.
The Emergency Department is located on the ground floor Clinical Services Block.
Contact us
Phone:(02) 9382 7009
Street address
8 Macquarie Street, Sydney, 2000

Postal address
PO Box 1614
NSW, 2001

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

We treat patients who are suffering from serious illness or injury that could lead to severe complications if medical treatment is not received quickly.the Emergency Department clinical staff strive to ensure all patients receive timely, high-quality care and receive prompt, upfront assessment by the most senior doctor available to minimise the time spent waiting.

Upon your arrival in the Emergency Department, you will be greeted by a ward clerk or the triage nurse. The role of the triage nurse is to assess your medical condition and determine the urgency for a doctor's assessment and treatment. You will be allocated a triage category and then asked to wait to see a doctor.

You must not eat or drink anything from the time you arrive in the Emergency Department until you are otherwise advised by your doctor or nurse. It is important that you bring all relevant paperwork, including any letters or correspondence from you GP to assist in determining your health status and urgency category.

You will be booked in by the ward clerk at the reception desk and the details collected are used to identify you. You will be asked for your Medicare card number and whether you have private health insurance. Having these details is helpful to the clerical staff.

Waiting times

After you have been seen by the triage nurse you will need to wait to be seen by a doctor. You may be asked to take a seat in the waiting room or you may be taken into one of the clinical areas.

Patients who are on trolleys or arrive by ambulance are not necessarily seen first. Whilst in the waiting room, please direct all concerns to the triage nurse. If you have been taken through to one of the clinical areas, please direct all concerns to the nurse that has been allocated to care for you.

Seeing a clinician

As soon as possible, a clinician (such as a doctor) will assess you. You will be asked many questions including those that other clinicians already asked. It is important to tell the clinician:

•    the reason for coming to the hospital
•    current medical problems
•    past medical problems and operations
•    current medications (a complete list is essential)
•    any allergies to medications

Please be honest in answering any questions asked as the information you give will assist the clinician to make the correct assessment and start the correct management.

Our aim is to keep you informed about your medical condition and ongoing management.

Remember that any information you give is strictly confidential and will not be passed on to any other person in accordance with Australia's privacy laws.

How to access this service

No referral needed

You do not need a referral letter from your doctor to access this service.

The Sydney Hospital and the Sydney Eye Hospital have an emergency department available to patients in need of emergency hospital treatment. This means that they need for treatment is urgent and serious and cannot wait for a visit to your normal doctor during traditional office hours. The hospital emergency department is located at 8 Macquarie St, Sydney and can be reached via telephone at 9382 7111. This emergency department is open to all patients over 16 and regardless of their financial need. The Emergency Department of the Sydney Hospital and the Sydney Eye Hospital is located within the South Eastern Sydney Health Service Area.

Like all emergency departments in Australia, your condition will be assessed upon arrival from a trained triage nurse. The more urgent the medical emergency, the quicker you will be seen. If you believe that your condition does not require emergency medical attention, it may make more sense for you to wait and see your doctor when they can see you, since you might have to wait until a doctor is free if you go to the emergency department without a true emergency. However, if it is truly an emergency, don’t delay, and get yourself to the emergency department closest to you as quickly as possible.