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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third molars in adult dentition. They usually erupt between 18-25 yrs of age which is when most patients require wisdom tooth removal. Due to the lack of space in some people’s mouth, wisdom teeth can erupt at a bad angle – Mesio Angular ( Leaning forward ) Disto Angular ( leaning backward ), Horizontal (completely flat), Vertical (locked upright). They can also be tilted Buccally (outward) or Lingually (inward).

Wisdom teeth can often become impacted. Sometimes there isn’t enough room for them to come through normally and they become painful. Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to break through and generally appear in the late teens or early twenties.

As the wisdom teeth try to erupt through the gums at a bad angle, it is usually accompanied by pain and inflammation. Early detection, space evaluation, diagnosis and wisdom teeth removal may help patients avoid this experience.

The removal of impacted wisdom teeth involves a minor surgical operation. Although uncomplicated wisdom tooth surgery may be carried out under local anaesthesia, in many cases it is more appropriate for the patient to have a full general anaesthetic, which would be undertaken as day surgery. The process is absolutely painless. 

The procedure can take between 10-30 minutes depending on the position of the tooth or teeth to be extracted. If the wisdom tooth hasn’t erupted completely, the surgeon will need to make a cut in the gum over the tooth and may also need to remove some bone. 

The wisdom tooth often needs to be cut into more than one piece before it can be extracted. Stitches are dissolvable and usually disappear completely in a couple of weeks.

In most instances the procedure will be performed under general anaesthetic in our day hospital, however it can also be performed under local anaesthetic or a combination of local anaesthetic and sedation.

After the procedure you’re likely to experience some discomfort and swelling both inside and outside your mouth. This will dissipate after the first 3 days, however may take 2 weeks to go away completely. Your surgeon may prescribe a short course of antibiotics.

Wisdom teeth that are not removed should continue to be monitored, because the potential for developing problems later on still exists. As with many other health conditions, as people age, they are at greater risk for health problems and that includes potential problems with their wisdom teeth. Regular dental visits are important so your dentist can evaluate not just your wisdom teeth but your overall oral health to help you prevent and manage dental disease and achieve optimal oral health. Do not heasitate to contact us for regular or urgent matters.

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