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Infant Daycare (0-1 years)

Our nursery provides a warm, safe environment for your baby. It’s well-resourced with caring and gentle educators who develop nurturing relationships with your baby. We recognise the importance of maintaining your home routine to our best ability to ensure your baby’s daily transition into our care is always as smooth as possible.

During this first year of your baby’s life, they are developing a picture of themselves based on the experiences they have and the relationships they create. Our Healthy Beginnings programsupports your baby’s growth and development by offering lots of different activities so they can engage in essential sensory exploration to enhance their cognitive and motor skills. We do things like playing with soft toys, feeling different textures, arts and crafts, tummy time, mirror play, listening to music, story time, outdoor play and food experiences.

Specially designed with safety features and age-appropriate toys and furniture, our nursery is a place where your baby can freely learn about the world in a cosy, safe environment.

Early Years Child Care (1-3 years)

Our centre provides a stimulating and fun environment to enhance your child’s learning in their early years. Learning in fact starts long before school, with the first five years of a child’s life being crucial to laying the foundations for their ability to learn throughout their later years. We have specifically designed our Early Experiences program to deliver real-life learning experiences for your child. As a toddler, children are opening up to new challenges as their communication skills expand and they learn to concentrate, experiment and play. Our educators support this magical phase through a program of play-based learning activities to help them explore their own interests and strengths.

Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework, Belonging, Being and Becoming, is at the heart of our approach to early years education. The framework’s emphasis is on play-based learning. This includes things like singing to help your child learn about language; drawing with crayons to help them express their feelings and encourage writing; playing with shapes and patterns to develop their problem-solving skills; and group activities to build their social skills.

At our centre, you will find plenty of spaces that inspire your child’s creativity and imagination, so important for building social skills and self-confidence. Our toys, play equipment and resources are the types that would typically be found in the home, to help your child feel comfortable.

Preschool (3-5 years)

Our exceptional preschool program provides every opportunity to prepare your child for a positive start to their schooling years. Here our educators strike a balance between child-initiated and teacher-led activities.

While still focusing on attentive care and play-based learning, our educators will foster your child’s

natural desire to engage with educational programs for life. We deliver a School Readiness program that specialises in allowing your child to slowly adapt to the new school environment socially, emotionally and mentally before they even arrive. This program teaches the children a variety of literacy and numeracy skills, including how to write their names, identification of simple numbers and shapes, recognition skills, such as identifying their school bags, and a range of communications skills, tools and tactics.

When the time comes, your child will be ready to spread their wings and fly.

Bird House Early Learning Centre – Hornsby

Open 7:30am to 6:30pm 
Monday to Friday
94 Balmoral Street 
Hornsby, NSW, 2077
Phone: 02 9477 2455

Bird House Early Learning Centre – Hornsby is conveniently located near both Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Hospital and Westfield Hornsby. We have a large underground car park providing a safe space for all families to drop off and collect their children each day. Our centre provides long day care in a secure and modern environment where young children are nurtured through our nursery, toddler, kinder and preschool programs by our exceedingly caring and highly-qualified educators.

Children at Bird House Early Learning Centre – Hornsby have access to bright, nature-inspired spaces, structures and experiences with plenty of room for growing, inquisitive and energetic bodies to play, relax or quietly explore. Our centre features three rooms dedicated to each age group as well as a large covered outdoor environment.

We invite you to tour our centre to learn more about our high-quality curriculum and early learning environments.

At Bird House Early Learning Centre Hornsby we pride ourselves in building a community of learners as children, families and Educators connect together to support children’s learning and development. We are passionate in welcoming a variety of cultures and backgrounds to our centre. Our diverse range of qualified Educators respect and care for each individual child as we help them develop into capable and confident members of the wider community. Many of our Educators are fluent in a second language with these including Cantonese, Hindi, Mandarin and Persian providing us with the opportunity to support the families within our wider community.

Through our curriculum we take a holistic view of the child and recognise the connectedness of their mind, body and spirit. Our learning environment set up encourage children to interact in welcoming spaces that cater for different learning capacities as well as the interest and needs of children.  Our transition to school program recognises that moving to school is an important milestone in both the child and families life so provides opportunity for  the development of skills required. Our outdoor space offers a large undercover area to allow children to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Situated on a residential street near Hornsby Hospital  we pride ourselves in building connections for children and families within business in the local community by welcome them to the centre or taking children on excursions to visit them. Come and have a look for yourself by taking a tour of our centre.

Hornsby Child and Family Health Centre

Child and Family Health Services are free and are offered on a one-to-one basis or through group sessions, telephone consultation/ counselling and home visiting. We provide support and information on parenting issues for 0-5 years through individual clinic appointments, group programmes and information sessions.

59 Florence Street
Hornsby 2077


group information.png 

  • Early Parenting Support Group ( for babies up to 12 weeks of age)
  • Tuesday and Thursday - 12.00pm
  • Group is held at the Hornsby PCYC - PCYC Ku-ring-gai

Chinese Speaking Parents Group with an Interpreter ( for babies 12 months and under)

 Chinese Speaking Parents Group

Introducing Solid Food to Your Baby

 Introducing Solid Foods

The Importance of Play

Connecting with your Infant