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Since 1919, St Helen's Private Hospital has been providing high quality healthcare to the Hobart and broader community.

186 Macquarie Street
Hobart, Tas 7000

Phone: 03 6221 6444
Fax:  03 6223 4594

As a 36 patient-bed hospital, we provide a range of mental health care services including inpatient and day patient programs with a focus on TMS, ECT and detox programs.

Through TMS Australia, St Helens Private Hospital has an innovative program using a number of new treatment tools to offer hope to people with psychiatric disorders such as depression. These treatments are particularly helpful for individuals who have struggled to achieve wellness with traditional therapies alone.

The treatments offered at St Helen's Private Hospital are aimed at helping people improve their psychological and emotional well-being in a safe and supportive environment.

St Helen's Private Hospital offers a variety of inpatient services and day programs that are tailored to meet the needs of people suffering from a range of mental health conditions. 

Through TMS Tasmania, St Helen's provide the relative new treatment for depression and other psychiatric disorders. TMS has gained increasing attention in recent years as research is progressively conducted to establish its role in treatment programs.

Services St Helen's Private Hospital

Inpatient programs

Department of Psychological Medicine - Hampden unit

At St Helen’s Private Hospital, we consider education about mental health to be one of the most important steps on the path to recovery. 

The Department of Psychological Medicine has 31 bed inpatient unit, an ECT and TMS service. 

The unit is staffed by a caring team comprising of an accredited or employed private staff psychiatrist, medical officer, registered psychiatric and general nurses, and clinical psychologists. 

Our patients are encouraged to participate in a range of therapeutic group activities and individual counselling sessions designed to provide crucial support and help smooth their return to their community. 

The inpatient group program delivered by the St Helen’s Private Hospital Health Professional Team is designed to provide participants with information about their illness and useful strategies to assist in the self-management of mental health.

The inpatient group program is one of the most valuable resources we are able to offer patients during their stay at St Helen’s Private Hospital, and aims to equip patients with the skills needed to regulate mental health and increase their sense of empowerment. 

The St Helen’s Private Hospital Health Professional Team members delivering the inpatient group program are mindful of the various needs and interests of the inpatients, and as such, cover a diverse range of topics in the group sessions. The program is divided up in to three main components: Facts, Fun and Fitness: 

Facts: Psycho-educational groups which provide information, practical strategies and techniques relating to specific psychological diagnoses and mental health issues. eg: anxiety, depression, goals, relationships, self-esteem, anger, nutrition and chronic pain.

Fun: Activities are arranged purely for entertainment and enjoyment, so patients learn the importance of having pleasurable activities to look forward to, to keep us busy, and to distract us. eg: trivia, brain teasers, movies, board games, craft, bingo, discussion groups, aromatherapy and zentangle.

Fitness: Physical activity has been proven to enhance both physical and mental health. Fitness classes provide the opportunity to participate in structured, supervised, suitable and safe exercise, tailored to our patients’ levels of fitness and mobility. eg: tai chi, pilates, circuits, yoga, stretching, nature walks, dance, fitball, strength and stability. 

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

Inpatient and outpatient service

ECT is available at St Helen's Private Hospital for inpatients and outpatients. We have a brand new updated ECT suite equipped with the latest technology.

ECT is available as either inpatient or outpatient treatment if deemed necessary by your treating psychiatrist.

Bookings can be made through one of our consulting psychiatrists.

Our helpful and supportive staff will be able to assist you with any enquiries on 03 62216506

Day programs

At St Helen’s Private Hospital, we appreciate that management of mental health is an ongoing undertaking, and recognise that the transition from acute inpatient care to independent living can be a difficult time.

As such, we aim to provide continued support for our patients following their discharge through our day patient group programs.

The day patient group programs are designed to assist patients with the transition from inpatient to discharge, and provide support as patients face the challenges of returning to daily life.

Day patient programs focus on education and self-management, building on the skills and knowledge developed through involvement in the inpatient group program.

Other important aims of the day patient group program include:

  • assisting in the development of an improved social support network
  • helping you identify appropriate local community organisations which might be providers of useful support
  • providing education about interpersonal relationships and improving basic living skills to optimise independent living
  • raising awareness of additional resources and services you might choose to access.

Day programs at St Helen's Private Hospital: 

Men's Group, Art therapy, Depression and anxiety management, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Emotional health and well being, Holistic health, Integrative group therapy, Managing addictive behaviours, Mother and baby, Music therapy, Structured leisure, Women's wisdom

TMS therapy -  For the treatment of depression

St Helens Private Hospital has an innovative program using a number of new treatment tools to offer hope to people with psychiatric disorders such as depression. This treatment is particularly helpful for individuals who have struggled to achieve wellness with traditional therapies alone. The TMS program is supervised by Dr Marzena Rybak, and several of our accredited psychiatrists are available to administer treatments.

Alcohol detox program

St Helen's Private hospital has specific services and programs for patients detoxing from alcohol.

An inpatient group stream addressing addiction issues is also available for detoxing patients, covering topics that include:

  • Affirmations and strengths
  • Healthy diet
  • Mental and physical effects of alcohol
  • Motivation in recovery
  • Risky situations for addictive behaviour
  • Taking responsibility
  • Triggers
  • Urges and cravings
  • Values.

The Managing Addictive Behaviours day program is available to provide ongoing support and education, and there is capacity for inpatients to attend this day program as they transition to outpatient status.

Mother and baby unit

St Helen’s Private Hospital's Mother and baby unit contributes to the provision of support and expert care to families experiencing ante-natal and post-natal difficulties. These difficulties may include:

  • Chronic maternal illness
  • Ante-natal and post natal anxiety and/or depression
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Infant sleeping difficulties
  • Unsettled and/or irritable infant
  • Reflux and colic

The unit is staffed by qualified accredited or employed private midwives and psychiatric nurses, with additional qualifications in lactation consultancy and maternal and child health.

IVF unit

Tasmanian IVF operates from a site within St Helen’s Private Hospital. 

It was one of the first IVF units to be established in Australia and began treating patients in 1983. It is currently the largest IVF unit in Tasmania. 

The IVF unit has a team of highly dedicated and experienced accredited or employed private doctors, nurses, scientists, and a counsellor, all of whom are involved in the daily management of patient care during treatment. 

IVF staff and accredited private specialists aim to contribute to the provision of an environment that is caring and supportive for all of its patients.

Visiting hours
Family and friends are welcome to visit from 12.30pm to 1.30pm and from 4.30pm to 8.00pm weekdays. On weekends, visitors are welcome between 12.00 noon and 8.00pm. Visits outside these hours are to be arranged in consultation with the Nurse Unit Manager.
When visiting the hospital, an adult should accompany children under the age of 12.
Visitors may be required to follow certain procedures, depending on the condition of the patient. The nursing staff will provide specific instructions for visiting these patients.
Car parking and transport
St Helen’s Private Hospital can be reached via the Metro Tasmania Bus (stop number five).
Our hospital is only one kilometre from the city centre. Visitor parking is available on site (two hours maximum) and the car park can be entered via Davey Street. Patients are requested not to drive to the hopsital.
Please have a friend or relative drop you off.