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QEII Family Centre

129 Carruthers Street
Curtin, ACT 2605
PO Box 126, Curtin ACT 2605

Phone: 02 6205 2333
Fax: 02 6205 2344
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The QEII Family Centre is a residential program for families with young children 0-3 years experiencing difficulties in the postnatal and early childhood periods. Services include complex lactation and other feeding problems, failure to thrive, unsettled babies, post natal depression, Child at Risk, special needs families, parenting support, behavioural problems in children/families.

The Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Family Centre is a public hospital managed by the Canberra Mothercraft Society (CMS).

We specialise in post-natal and early childhood health services to families of young children up to three years of age experiencing complex health and behavioural difficulties.

Through the Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Family Centre and CMS community development programs, we deliver complex primary health care services in a modern, flexible, effective and responsive way. These services extend to partners, grandparents, friends and other primary carers.

Our services:

  • promote and maintain health and wellbeing
  • are accessible to everyone
  • reflect community values
  • are scientifically sound
  • are provided by an educated work force.

We offer a residential program that provides support for many needs, including:

  • unsettled babies
  • children with sleeping difficulties
  • complex lactation and other feeding problems
  • in-risk families
  • special needs families
  • mood disorders
  • parenting support and education
  • nutritionally compromised infants
  • child behaviour difficulties

Staff includes specially trained midwives, nurses and a counsellor. Medical officers and other health professionals come to QEII when needed, to provide services we don’t have in-house.

Services available at QEII Family Centre 

Paediatric service

More Services