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Dr Ian Carlisle - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Dr Ian Carlisle

Specialist Plastic Surgeon (FRACS)


Suite 26
Isabella Street
VIC 3144
Ph:03 9509 0110
Fx: 03 9509 3536

Professional Memberships and Associations

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Dr Ian Carlisle Reviews

(6 reviews)

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Nikki Dolce
I got my breast and Tummy tuck done 16 years ago, and wow was it amazing, Dr Ian was so lovely towards me in fact that’s part of the reason I went with him and becuase he did a lot of my model friends breast job. A lot of girls who were in men’s magazines would go to Dr Ian becuase of his great work, I’ll be going back soon to have my breast implants removed and a breast lift, it’s been a long time overdue but I completely trust him

Anna Sloan
Fantastic surgeon. Dr Carlisle takes the time to explain everything, so you are informed. Post surgery he and his team continue to provide support and are happy to see or speak to you whenever you need. Can't fault him. Very happy with my results and the care provided.
the only reason l have given a single star is because the review wont post with out it. l would not recommend dr carlisle to any one. my experience was the worst with him agreeing to preform rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and malar implants all at once. all have had to be revisited and he had to correct the first set of implants and then another surgeon corrected them a third time. his clinic staff are rude, he is dismissive and cruel and although its now 13 years since the surgery l am still angry. l have learnt that there are caring and professional surgeons in melbourne. dr carlslie is not one of them.

its been 13 years since my rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and malar implants all done at the same time by dr carlisle. they have all needed to be revisited. at the time l was emotionally distraught because l was going through a divorce. every experience but the initial consultation was terrible. his staff are rude, he is dismissive and l would NEVER send anyone l care about to him or his practice. l have learned much over the years and regret EVER going under the knife with this man. the breast augmentation had to be redone and then a third time with another surgeon because the second result was no better. melbourne has plenty of great, caring, educated and sincere surgeons, dr carlisle is NOT one of them.

Submitted July 19, 2018

Mr Carlisle has been my surgeon for over 30myears. I would not hesitate to engage him for any procedure,regardless of seriousness or choice. I have also recommended him to several family and friends.

Submitted April 23, 2018

Parly agree with the comment that if you disagree with something his attitude completely changes. I have had this happen. While patiently waiting for an operation and continue with outpatient appointments, he couldn't be nicer. Find out that you have been on a list for years and question what is happening and his attitude does a complete turn around. Go for a second opinion and you find out that things have been missed that require urgent attention.

Submitted January 27, 2016