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Dr Andrew Broadhurst Reviews - 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 votes

Dr Andrew Broadhurst

Specialist Plastic Surgeon (FRACS; MBBS; FRCS)


Enhance Plastic Surgery
Level 1
4 Kyabra St
QLD 4006
Ph:07 3252 8884
Fx: 07 3252 8885

Plastic Surgery Brisbane

At Enhance Plastic Surgery, we are breast augmentation and rhinoplasty specialists who bring our unparalleled experience, dedication and skill to every procedure. Dr Andrew Broadhurst’s reputation as an exceptional plastic surgeon has been shaped over ten years of providing top quality cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. We offer expert consultation, advice and practical information to everyone who comes to see us, and we love seeing our patients walk away with a body that they are proud of. Choosing to undergo a surgical enhancement is a personal decision, and you want to make it with the full support of your surgeon and with the best information available. Dr Broadhurst and our plastic surgery team are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with us is of the highest standard, and we offer in-depth consultations to ensure maximum satisfaction with the end result. If you would like to know more about our tailored breast augmentation or rhinoplasty procedures or would like to book a consultation, please call us today on (07) 3252 8884.

Professional Memberships and Associations

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
Western Australian Melanoma Advisory Service

Dr Andrew Broadhurst Reviews

(27 reviews)

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We appreciate your feedback and comments.

Breast Augmentation

Amazing results

I met with Dr Broadhurst after i was stuffed around with the first surgeon i saw. Dr Broadhurst was nice made me feel comfortable. I had a breast Augmentation done in August this year i am over the moon with the results he gave me. I would recommend him to anyone .


Very happy

I had 2 consultations with the doctor for rhinoplasty at his Newstead office. He was professional, confident yet down to earth. He was honest and told me what could and couldn't be achieved and showed me photos of previous patients with similar 'bulbous' tips. He saw me before surgery and reassured me. The only one minor negative would be I would've liked either the doctor or a nurse who was in the surgery to see me afterwards and let me know how surgery went. I had minimal bruising and I'm happy with my results. I do highly recommend dr broadhurst!

March 4, 2019

Breast augmentation with Dr Broadhurst July 2018 - can't be happier! I have no returned to the clinic and started having some botox there. I wouldn't hesitate to have surgery with Dr Broadhurst again.

Reema HAWA
From my personal experience, I would definitely recommend Dr. Andrew Broadhurst if you are looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon. Andrew made me feel so relaxed from the get-go and confident with his ability to produce what I wanted. Originally, my nose was wide from the tip and I had a large hump. I am absolutely in love with my new nose and so happy that I made the decision to get my nose done. I have a great doctor to thank for boosting my confidence! Thank you so much Andrew :)


Im 24 and Finally Got my Rhinoplasty :-) - Newstead, AU

Hi Everyone, my Names Ami and since the early stages of high school ive always wanted to get a rhinoplasty. I finally decided to go ahead with it this year and im so excited and nervous at the same time. I had my proceedure on the 23/09/16 and i am now 6 days post op! And get the cast and splints removed Tomorrow and im so excited i cannot wait! My whole experience has been very overwhelming since the day of surgery! I did alot of research and decided to go with dr Andrew Broadhurst at enhance plastic surgery as i heard alot of great things about him and read alot of positive reviews! When i went in for my consultation he was so kind and professional, he listened to everthing i had said and made me feel very at ease and happy to go ahead knowing i was in safe hands! Im very happy with my choice and decision with choosing him and his team. On the day of surgery i was extremely nervous and could not calm myself down, i spoke to dr Andrew Broadhurst and my anesthesist before my surgery to go over everything. Before i knew it i was out like a light and already awake in recovery. WoW it was quick! When i woke up i felt abit nausious and i felt abit headachy, the nurse gave me some pain relief and a nausea needle to help. After awhile i was able to get dressed and go home, the first night i found it hard to sleep as i sleep on my side and only with one pillow so sleeping sitting up for me was a struggle. I also found it very hard to eat for the first few days and ate alot of soft fruit and soups, since i only way 46kgs i was worried i would loose alot of weight so if your only small like me i suggest taking a food drink supplement inbetween meals! The recovery is not painfull at all after day 2 i was already off my painkillers!! It is however very uncomfortable. Day 4 post op i was able to eat solid foods and even went to my mums just so my partner and i could get out of the house! Its currently day 6 post op for me and i am still very congested, i find that the nasal spray they provided me has been very good in helping. My nose is very itchy and i feel like i have a head cold! For me personally the recovery has been extremely difficult and still cant believe i made it this far! I havnt slept properly since my surgery and im feeling like a zombie. Im just counting down the hours till tomorrow, once the cast and splints are removed so i can wash my hair and face and hopefully get a good nights sleep! Ive attached some pictures of my recovery so far, And i will put up a picture after my cast is taken off tomorrow.

Breast Augmentation

BA 385cc A ➡️ D - Newstead, AU

Being flat chested has always been my biggest insecurity. I have always been the butt of everyone's jokes. With 385cc I'm now extremely happy with my D cup bust. Surgery was scheduled 2 weeks from my consultation! I'm only a week and a half post op but am loving my results thus far. Recovery is hard the first few days but I'm up and about and doing most of my daily routine again - just no exercise or lifting heavy objects

April 2, 2018

Amazing doctor. Dr Broadhurst did a revision surgery on my nose and the job is perfect. I am so happy with the result. An amazing doctor and team.

Helen Pras
I would highly recommend Dr Broadhurst! He made me feel so comfortable and confident from my first consultation right through to my post op appointments. He was excellent at explaining the procedures, the day of surgery, the recovery process and everything you should expect. I felt so confident with him, I didn’t feel I needed a second opinion. All I can say is if you’re thinking about doing something for yourself, he is the man for the job!

Revision Rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty dr andrew broadhurst queensland australia

This is a review for any aussies looking to get a rhinoplasty done.
i had my surgery done by Plastic surgeon Dr Andrew Broadhurst from Enhance Plastic Surgery at Newstead Queensland Australia.

Dr Broadhurst performed a complex revisonal rhinoplasty on my nose which involved building up the bridge of my nose ,fixing my tip and making it so that my nostrils are not so visable from front on. basically getting rid of that'' piggy nose look''

My previous Queensland based Rhinoplasty surgeon made my nose look too operated on. too small and ski jump like and being a male that is NOT what anyone wants.

Clinic. - Enhance Plastic Surgery
Dr Broadhurst's clinic location is at Newstead which is actually pretty easy to drive too. I was coming from about 40 mins away. it was good to not have to drive straight into the middle of Brisbane and have to pay ridiculous parking fees. Enhance has their own free parking at the back of the building.

The receptionists there are friendly and the nurse Leila is really nice and they seem more than happy to answer any questions.

Dr Broadhurst.
I was actually Recommended to Dr broadhurst by another plastic surgeon who did my otoplasty .

My first consultation with Dr Broadhurst was quiet in depth i think it went for about an hour. During that time Dr Broadhurst Assessed my nose. He asked me what i didn't like about it and then he told me what he thought needed to be done. I like how he did that and we were both on mutual agreement with what needs to be done. Dr Broadhurst took some high detail photos of my nose and then we assessed it on his computer.

Dr Broadhurst also showed me some of his patients before and after photos, in particular previous ones similar to my nose . Some of them are amazing and look even better than the ones on his website.

Dr Broadhurst is very easy to speak too. he answered all my questions without me feeling awkward or like i gave him a dumb question. Ive been to gp's over the years for a general check up or needing a medical certificate for work.and even questioning them they sorta roll their eyes back and give you that ''how dare you question me look im a Dr'....' :. Dr Broadhurst doesn't do any of that. 

After having that first consult with Dr Broadhurst i knew i had found my surgeon to perform this procedure. i ended up booking it for 4 months later.

PRICE= would have been about $3000 dollars cheaper if i had of stayed in my Bupa private health fund so i HIGHLY RECOMMEND PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE even if you join up and cancel after the procedure its well worth it. 

HOSPITAL. Brisbane Private Hospital - Day surgery. Excellent but thats what I would expect from any private Hospital in Australia.

My Rhinoplasty took about 4 hours it involved harvesting rib cartlidge and fascia scalp grafting and alar batten grafts to my nose making the bridge straighter and my tip not so small and narrow. Ive probably missed out explaining a few things that he also did I'lhave to double check with Dr Broadhurst on my next consult.

AFTER THE PROCEDURE : I went home and rested for a week before the splint and cast was taken off at 7 days post op,.I was also given after care instructions , a script for antibiotics and pain medication . My nose doesn't hurt at all, the rib is just a bit sore but nothing that panadeine forte cant fix.

So far im day 11 post op and nose is pretty darn swollen stil,l which i expected being a revison and the complexity of the work done.,plus i have thick oily skin so i know its gonna take 3-6 months to start seeing the swelling fully go down and 1 year to see final results.
scar is barely noticeable under my nose and scar on rib is nice and flat.

At the moment Im just relaxing taking it easy ive got 6 weeks off work Im doing a lot of movie watching and staying up late watching the soccer world cup . Dr Broadhurst gave me a cast to wear on my nose when sleeping to protect my nose from bumps i have to wear this for 6 weeks.

Ill start putting some photos up in the next couple of months once the swelling has improved.

So far I'm really happy with the results and very glad that i was recommended to Dr Broadhurst. as i thought i was going to have to travel oversees ie USA to get my nose fixed.

March 25, 2018

Amazing surgeon love my results. Highly recommend him

Mommy Makeover

17 Years of Wishing, It's Almost Time!! Yay!! Thailand, scrap that .....Let's make it Gladstone with Dr Andrew Broardhurst :D

Dr Andrew Broardhurst and his wonderful team from Enhance Plastic and cosmetic Surgery Brisbane have been brilliant!! From day one they have been more than helpful and have bent over backwards to help get me the result I wanted. I can not recommend Dr Broardhurst highly enough!!! He listened to and addressed all of my and my partners questions and concerns. Made me feel relaxed and informed. Made me feel that I was in good hands. And I was!! He has a top bedside manner, very good at what he does!! Its is only very early days, but loving what I am seeing so far!! So happy!! :)

February 23, 2018

I had a great experience with my breast augmentation in Dec 2017. I was a high risk patient on Aspirin, other surgeons refused to operate on me due to this but Andrew didn't. I'm so glad a hunted around for a surgeon with confidence! Very happy with the results!

I had a rhinoplasty with Dr Broadhurst and he was amazing. It was a revision from a terrible job that I had had done years ago. Dr Broadhurst was informative and the outcome is amazing. I'm so happy and would recommend him to anyone.


Disappointing Waste of Money

I've had to re book to get another nose surgery because my first one was so bad, performed by Andrew Broadhurst. We had all our consults and talked alot about what i wanted, but every appointment id have to start from the beginning and re explain. On the table just before i went to sleep i again reminded him what i wanted and he was surprised! Like he hadn't heard it before at all. I went into surgery worried. My recovery was simple, but once the swelling went away i had a small painful bump right on the bridge of my nose. I went back to doctor broadhurst and he said he'd have to open it up again. So i had to have my face operated on TWICE! not only that but apparently he had to cut my nose right across the bridge horizontally, so to this day i have an extremely obvious scar right in the middle of my nose! What makes it worse is that the bump was actually a stitch knot that dr broadhurst had left inside me during the surgery! So i paid $12000 for a mistake that left me with an obvious scar in the middle of my face. It didn't enhance my appearance at all. All that aside, my nose looks nothing like i desired. I had an obvious "hump" on my nose, which Dr broadhurst did successfully remove so thats great. But my surgery cost so much becasue i paid for multiple procedures, to lower the begining of my nose between my eyebrows, straighten it as it was on an angle, correct my breathing as one of my airways was kinked, and reduce the size of my nose tip and reshape. It is 2 years post surgery and my breathing is worse then before. I went to a local doctor about it and he confirmed my airway is still kinked. My nose is still on an incredibly wonky lean and i don't think its been lowered at all. As far as i can tell he did nothing but take the hump off, but charged me for everything. What a waste of money. So incredibly disappointed.

December 9, 2016

Had a BA and a revision BA with Broadhurst. Am still unhappy. Feel like he didn't listen to what I wanted and doesn't care that I am still not happy after 2 surgerys and paying twice. Regret choosing him so much. Would rather my original breast I hate mine that much now. Needed a third surgery with a different surgeon now as they are so saggy and ugly I can't live with them :(

September 8, 2015

I underwent Rhinoplasty surgery by Dr Broadhurst last year, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Although initially wanting the procedure purely for cosmetic reasons, i found out through Dr Broadhurst that i required the procedure medically to assist with my breathing too (such a difference!) Dr Broadhurst gave me the exact nose I've always wanted - i brought in a photo and it actually matches the results almost exactly! He assesses each persons facial features rather than suggest a "cookie cut" style that won't suit everyone. I had minimal bruising, minimal swelling, and was back to work after just two weeks looking like I hadn't even undergone an operation. Thanks Dr Broadhurst!

Solly Dass
office ladies are not very nice.. bad communication. never called back when they said they would, feels like they dont care

Revision Rhinoplasty

Dissatisfied - 33 Year Old Primary Rhinoplasty and then Secondary with Dr Andrew Broadhurst

Dr Broadhurst undertook my primary rhinoplasty in July 2014. I initially went in as from the front view I had a bump on my left side of the bridge of my nose which had always bothered me and I wanted it removed. Dr Broadhurst felt that I had other irregularities about my nose which could be improved upon if he was going to perform an open rhinoplasty on me - namely - lengthen the nose and lower the tip, create a more scooped appearance to the profile and even out the nostrils. I thought that as he was the expert I'd leave it with him. Big mistake. Wish I'd been way more specific than just bringing in some pictures of noses I liked and actually got him to do a morph so we were on the same page with how I wanted my nose to look. At least that would have made me feel like I did all I could to reduce the chances of a botched job. Anyway I felt pretty confident that he would do a good job as he was pleasant in my consultations and had a very relaxed confident manner. The before and afters he showed me looked great too. Anyway I had my operation in November 2014. It all seemed to go fine until I got home and saw my nostrils (see pictures). I hoped it was just a swelling and cast thing but as you can see from when the cast came off my nostrils were very very uneven (my left almost closed) and I had a large bump on my right side of my nose. I raised my fears with Dr Broadhurst but was told this could be swelling to wait patiently. Over time the appearance did not improve (which I think Dr Broadhurst knew). When I saw him he claimed not to know what was causing the irregularities. Any way the pictures are up so you can make you own assessments.
After a year passed Dr Broadhurst agreed that the outcome of his surgery was less than ideal and said he would perform a revision rhinoplasty for free. I still had to pay hospital, anaesthetic fees etc. I wasn’t sure if I should go a head with the revision with Dr Boradhurst after the less than pleasing primary rhinoplasty he performed but I felt desperate for an even nose and normal looking nostrils. So the revision rhinoplasty was performed in November 2015. Straight after surgery I could see my nostrils were much more even and it definitely an improvement, however I’m still not happy. My nostrils are still more uneven than before and I have a lot of nostril show on my right side in comparison to the left. I also have a much lower columnella and a bump on the bridge. I’ll put up pictures for you to make your own judgements.
Any way I just wish I’d left my original nose as it was or at least not gone to Dr Broadhurst. I will be looking for a skilled revision rhinoplasty surgeon in the UK as I don’t want to risk another disappointing outcome in Australia.
I’d be interested to get others feedback and opinions on my outcome and also any others who have had operations with Dr Broadhurst. 
I've recently booked a consultation with Dr Lucion Ion in the UK in December. I've read really good things about him and I'm hoping he'll be able to offer me some solutions.

June 25, 2015

I have seen 3 different plastic surgeons in Brisbane for my breast augmentation but am going to go with Dr Broadhurst. From the first phone call to my 2nd consultation the staff and Dr Broadhurst have been more than welcoming and made me feel comfortable. I think his before and afters are the best I have seen so far and I am so excited to finally have my surgery!

April 1, 2015

Just booked my breast augmentation with Dr Broadhurst today for May 2015 after having three consults with Dr Broadhurst . I am so happy with the service provided and cannot wait for my surgery!!! He answered all my questions and I left feeling confident and excited in my decision. The girls at the front are always so welcoming and have helped me so much with helping me book my surgery.

January 28, 2015

I ended up with double boob, massive nerve damage and am unable to breastfeed because of that damage (I fed my first with no problems pre-op). The results look great in a bra.. But not so ideal without. With the bonus of not being able to feel them at all. He predicted a large D with my implant size and I ended up with a G. I'll definitely be downgrading. When I'm looking for a revision, I'll be going somewhere else. Wonderful bedside manner though!!

20 Oct 2017

Dr Andrew Broadhurst very professional as I said earlier. Seems very genuine and trust worthy surgeon with 10 + years experience and no bad reviews.

January 27, 2015

I have NOT seen or spoken to dr broadhurst but the phone call I made to the clinic was terrible. The receptionist did not care what I had to ask she was pushing for me to book a consultation and spoke over me. This has made my mind up for me that I will NOT be going there for my breast augmentation.. I found her rude and unprofessional . It's a real shame for the dr to lose potential clients because of the receptionist......I'm not willing to spend $250 to see someone for 30 mins if this is the first impression I have gotten ... Not impressed at all


Consultation: Not worth it, feel taken advantage of - Brisbane, AU

Dr Broadhurst was very nice , he had good before and afters but i was dissapointed as he didnt even touch my nose... didnt inspect it at all only looked at it over the table. I was then advised of my quote only when i went to another surgeon who inspected my nose he told me i have a deviated septum (which i can claim a small portion back through medicare in this case). Dr broadhurst wasnt very professional in this case and didnt take the time to check for these things..and i feel like because this was my first consult and i was quite naive in what to expect and he knew this.... just wanted to get my $180 and get me out.

January 8, 2013

Dr Broadhurst performed otoplasty on my 13 daughter. Results are absolutely fantastic. Couldn't be happier and would thoroughly recommend him. The nurses told me that he's regarded by them as one if the best in his field and "usually does the really complicated procedures". Highly recommended.


Amazing Dr. I'm So Excited !

Just finished my rhinoplasty consultation with Dr Broadhurst. After having three consults, one in Sydney, Gold Coast and now Brisbane. I'm so excited that I have found my surgeon-Dr Broadhurst. 
He was so knowledgeable! His before and after photos are phenomenal. And his bedside manner is great. 
I am very scared of getting this procedure done. When voicing this with Dr Broadhurst he took the time to reassure me, rather than dismiss my feelings like other surgeons had done. 
I'm so excited and am very happy after seeing Dr Broadhurst.

I DID IT ! Best thing I've ever done !