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Dr Gerard Bayley Reviews - 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 votes

Dr Gerard Bayley

Specialist Plastic Surgeon (FRACS)


Phoenix Plastic Surgery Institute
Suite 314
121 Newdegate Street
QLD 4120
Ph:07 3397 9999
Fx: 07 3397 9333

Dr Bayley is a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon holding dual fellowships in General Surgery, 1999 and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 2003. He provides a comprehensive public and private Plastic & Reconstructive Service to Brisbane South including Hand Surgery and Skin Cancer Management with a special interest in Melanoma. Dr Bayley is the Plastic Surgeon visiting the Princess Alexandra Melanoma Unit, a world class unit on the cutting edge of Melanoma Management and research. He is an active member of the society of Plastic Surgeons co-ordinating the training program for the state’s plastic surgical trainees and is the regional chairman of the Board of Plastic surgery.

Dr Bayley, a University of Queensland graduate (1989) , underwent his internship at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. In 1993, he entered surgical training and obtained experience in Vascular, Orthopaedic, Otolaryngology, Urology and general surgery completing the Advanced Training Program for General Surgery in 1999. Subsequently he was accepted onto the Advanced Training Program for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery spending twelve months in Perth gaining invaluable hand surgery, burn management and cosmetic surgery experience. A United States sabbatical, where he participated in the Dallas Rhinoplasty Course and spent observational time with world leaders in Facial Cosmetic Surgery and Breast Reconstruction, further enhanced his skills. 

Professional Memberships and Associations

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr Gerard Bayley Reviews

(8 reviews)

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Bayley was late for surgery. I sat on the medical bed waiting for him. After surgery he never came to see me. They wouldn’t let me leave until he did. I waiting an entire day with no show. They were going to release me with no medication. I formed lumps near and on the scar from my surgery and he denied this when they were clearly visible and raised. My scar is now covered in large lumps and is inflamed causing me pain. No one has ever contacted me for follow up appointments. And when I confronted the staff about it they got very defensive and rude with me.

 Submitted February 12, 2019

Dr Bayley was so comforting for a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. He was very knowledgeable and explained in great depth what was possible with my frame and what to expect from my implants. He made the whole experience less daunting and his after-surgery care was amazing. Every time i go in for my check up with my specialist she comments on what a great job he did

Submitted February 3, 2018

Wonderful surgeon with excellent bedside manner. Dr Bayley was informative and understanding at all times

Submitted January 20, 2017


20 Year Old Open Rhinoplasty - Brisbane, Australia

I am 20 years old and have always struggled with how my nose looked. It looked huge from the front and huge from the side, not to mention I was severely bullied almost all of my high schooling life over it. At the beginning of 2015 I began looking into getting a Rhinoplasty, being a university student I knew that I would have to be patient and slowly save my way. My mum is in the nursing profession so has a lot of ties to the hospitals in Brisbane. She quietly asked around for a Plastic Surgeon with a great history in Rhinoplasty procedures and only several separate occasions various people replied with Dr Gerard Bayley. I really struggled to find reviews about him and his work but I trusted the opinions I had received and called his office to make an appointment and called my GP to ask for a referral. Fast forward several months and I finally met with him. I was extremely happy and felt very comfortable with him; he thoroughly explained the whole process and answered every single question I had. I felt that he was extremely professional and didn't boast about his qualifications or push me to go with him (like I have heard some other surgeons do). His nurse took some photos of me and I quickly booked in for my second appointment. Come my second appointment, this was a lot more specific to me and what my procedure would be, not just a Rhinoplasty in general. He showed me some 3D imaging of what my nose would look like and we talked everything through from pre op to post op, cost, hospitals, surgery dates etc. Fast forward to February 3rd 2016 and I was ready for my big day. I was extremely nervous- having a mum as a nurse and a sister as a paramedic I was well aware of all medical issues and problems that could arise. However, my registration nurse was beyond amazing, she really talked me through my procedure and I felt as if she really understood how I was feeling. She was a real crack up and I felt so so relaxed and comfortable after I saw her. Once I was dressed and waiting in my room, my anaesthetist Dr Andrew Hogan came to see me. He was really awesome, he talked me through everything and made sure I was ready. After a long wait I was wheeled in and the anaesthetic process began. The theatre nurses came and introduced themselves and calmed me down however once I saw Dr Bayley walk in I freaked out and started crying. He held my hand and assured me I had nothing to worry about, we spoke one last time about what I wanted done to my nose and then I remember waking up. 
Once I was awake Dr Bayley and Dr Hogan came and saw me, they said my procedure went extremely well and they think I will be very happy. My nurse was really cool and very chatty, I think she was new but I still felt very safe in her hands until when she was dressing me, and she hit my nose. I was on a lot of pain meds and I felt no pain however my nose did start bleeding and I was so so worried that she had knocked it out of place. Turns out I had nothing to worry about and that’s what the cast is there for. When I woke my nose was numb but besides that I had no pain and felt fine, I could open my eyes and my hair was still in my braids. After maybe 3 hours of waiting and sitting in discharge I was finally discharged where my parents helped me to the car and drove me home. The first night I sleep sitting straight up with pillows and bean bags in my bed to keep me upright. As uncomfortable as that might sound, it was actually super comfortable and I think it really helped with my bruising and swelling. The next day, I had chubby checks and slight dark eyes but I definitely did not have any black eyes. I iced from the moment I got home, 20 minutes each hour. I found that frozen peas in a zip lock bag and water mixed with a small amount of alcohol frozen in a zip lock bag worked really well because it was able to be moulded to your face. I found the first and second day you kind of just sit there feeling sorry for yourself, day 3 I felt much better pain wise but was really emotional all day. Each day I took it really easy, sitting on the lounge with my head up watching movies. I took only baths and I cleaned and moisturised my face using cotton pads to ensure I didn’t get any water near my nose. I ate only soft cold foods and having my parents look after my antibiotics and pain medication made it a lot easier. I would definitely recommend, if possible, having someone stay with you the entire time looking after you. With the frequent icing, I felt as if my swelling and bruising subsided rather quickly. Finally on day six (Tuesday the week after) I was able to get my cast off, I was very on edge as I was worried I wouldn't like my new nose. I'm not going to lie, it was a little bit of a shock because I still felt like it was really large and that's what I hated, but Dr Bayley assured me that I still had a significant amount of swelling and bruising and it would continue to get smaller. Dr Bayley then left after a small talk and the nurse took my stiches out (which wasn't exactly a pleasant feeling). I did then feel extremely faint and felt like I was going to vomit so keep that in mind. My skin under my cast was also pretty gross and I had a few small pimples from the adhesive from the tape blocking my pores. I think it is super beneficial to take before photos from every single angle you can. I was a little upset when I got home because I thought my nose hadn't changed at all but I soon realised that I had forgotten what my old nose even looked like. Even with all my swelling I created a before and after collage and realised how much work Dr Bayley had really done. I am soooo happy with my new nose, I really love it and am so looking forward to all my swelling going down. I think it’s also important to remember that the surgeons can only work with the nose you already have, if you have a rather large nose and tell them you want a very tiny ski jump nose then you might have some troubles. I feel my nose still looks rather large but I know that if I dramatically changed my nose my whole face would have changed and I didn't want that. Anyway, I will keep you updated with my progress. I hope this helped and if anyone is going to see Dr Bayley please feel free to contact me if you like. I only found one other review on him which was extremely positive but I still feel as if he is an amazing surgeon and I would definitely 100% recommend him to everyone.

Thank you for such a detailed review of your rhinoplasty experience! I have also had difficulty finding any reviews on Dr Bayley. I am booked in for my first consult with him in a few months for a nose job. My nose is not crooked, but is bulbous. Too fat for my face. I am worried that although Dr Bayley will improve things he might err on the side of caution and that I will end up feeling disappointed because my nose will be just that little bit "too big" still. Any advice? Thank you! 

He made such a mess of my breast reconstruction i was declared totally and permanently disabled.

December 12, 2016

Dr Bayley removed a melonoma from my back and an IEC from my ankle. Due to the size and placement of the IEC he had to create a flap over the wound. While it is very difficult to locate the scar from the melanoma it is so neat and healed beautifully the IEC created major problems refusing to heal. Dr Bayley and his staff were amazing as I returned regularly over a 3 month period (at no charge) trying alternative approaches to encourage the wound to finally close over. Unendingly patient, courteous and conscientious Dr Bayley and his staff showed great professionalism and determination to resolve my issue. I couldn't rate them more highly!

Submitted January 30, 2014


I am very fortunate to have been in Dr Bayley’s care

My first appointment with Dr.Bayley was in January 2013 to ask about the removal of a large lump next to my nose which I’d had for many years but seemed to have become a bit bigger.I thought it was an old scar resulting from an injury in childhood.

However, he immediately recognised it as a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and wanted to do a biopsy the following week.

I procrastinated and cancelled the appointment – a very silly decision in hindsight. Being a fifty something menopausal woman ,I guess irrational behaviour can sometimes be a symptom ! That’s my excuse anyway!

Fortunately, Dr Bayley took the time to follow up with my GP,who rang me and explained the importance of having this dealt with and the problems that can arise from having a BCC close to the nose.

So I rescheduled the appointment for late March and waited 4 days over the Easter break to find out the pathology result.
Yes, he was right – it was a BCC and it would need to be excised.

So the following week I went to have it done under a local anaesthetic in his rooms. He did a flap surgery which involved making two cuts from my nose down to my chin.

He did warn me at the time that it may not be all out after this,so I was very nervous during the following week until I went to have the stitches out and find out the pathology results.

When the nurse told me that I would need further surgery to get rid of it I just burst into tears. Of all the areas on your body, I think the face is the part that most people would not want to be cut with a surgeons scalpel.

It’s not as if you can just put a dressing over it and cover it up.It’s very confronting to say the least. However,the nurse and receptionist were really lovely and supportive and took the time to make me a cup of tea and reassure me that it would be alright in the end.

So, five weeks later I went back to see Dr.Bayley and he arranged for me to have the second op at the PA Hospital.This time I was having a general anaesthetic – much easier to just drift off to sleep and wake up when it’s all over.

He told me that my cheek would be pulled a bit tighter this time,but it was a case of doing what he had to do to get rid of this cancer which had been spreading into my face.

Well, to cut a long story short, it’s been just over a week now.After the initial couple of days of pain and not being able to eat normally,I feel a great sense of relief as the stitches are out and more importantly, the pathology came back with the words “complete excision”.

Apart from the two long red scars and a feeling of tightness in my face,my appearance is basically the same.
Considering I’d had this skin cancer for a long time,it was a great result and I believe I am very fortunate to have been in the care of such a skilled surgeon and also for his ability to recognise the problem straight away – a problem which had not been noticed at a skin cancer clinic check up last year.

So to sum it up Thanks a million Dr. Gerard Bayley!!