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Associate Professor Hugh Bartholomeusz Reviews - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

Associate Professor Hugh Bartholomeusz

Specialist Plastic Surgeon (FRACS; MBBS)


Professional Memberships and Associations

Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
Australian Medical Association

Special Interest: Breast surgery, body contouring, skin cancer

Dr Hugh Bartholomeusz graduated from the University of Queensland in 1976. He undertook further advanced surgical training in plastic surgery at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Royal Brisbane Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide. He is currently the senior plastic surgeon at Greenslopes Private Hospital and has been President of the Queensland Society of Plastic Surgeons and Chairman of the State Committee of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. His appointments have also included the Chairmanship of the Australian Day Surgery Council and past President of the Council of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. He teaches undergraduate and post graduate medical and nursing personnel and is currently appointed as an Associate Professor at the University of Queensland.

His international accomplishments have included World President of the International Air Cadet Exchange Association and a member of the Executive Committee of the International Association of Ambulatory Surgery. He has served as a commissioned officer in the Royal Australian Air Force since 1972 and currently holds the rank of Air Vice-Marshal. He is a former Surgeon General Australian Defence Force Reserves and is the current Chairman of the Australian Air Force Cadets National Council.

Skin Health Solutions
Suite 1F, Main Lobby
111 Newdegate Street
QLD 4120
Ph:07 3847 9492
Fx: 07 3847 9788
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Associate Professor Hugh Bartholomeusz Reviews

(13 reviews)

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I honestly believe that Dr B is subject to a smear campaign. Dr B retired several years ago, so the poster who claims "He often asks me..." is not being at all truthful, unless Dr B maintains personal contact with former patients which I am sure he does not - he has even moved from Brisbane apparently! I am a relative of someone who had chest surgery when he was still practicing in Brisbane and was very happy. I sat in on some of the consults - what a lovely man. Also, genital surgery for FTM is non-existent in Australia, very expensive in other parts of the world and there is no way Dr B would be casually be asking when downstairs is getting done! Sure Chaz Bono got it done, but his mother is a multi-millionaire and I believe you have to go to Serbia!! Dr B, your genuine patients and their families will always remember the good you did.

 Submitted August 6, 2018

I’m FTM, ended having 2 surgeries in retrospect didn’t need the second only a nipple revision but ended up reopening existing scars, told me nipple revision would be around $500 but ended up paying more for second surgery than the first. Approx. $5000 and no cover from private or Medicare, classified as cosmetic surgery, what a joke. I’m very upset with this 18 months later as my scars are widening and the nipples looks terrible, placement doesn’t align the contour of my pecs. He often asks me when I’m getting downstairs done which is just inappropriate and disrespectful towards me as a human being, and asks if I take my shirt off down the beach, I’m like, definitely not! Not with these scars. I’m searching for another surgeon who in their professional opinion to advise whether I need scare revision and to fix the nipples.

Submitted July 13, 2018

I just wanted to comment as the parent of a FTM transguy adult child. We were referred to him by a transgender association in Qld. I was pretty happy as the only other plastic surgeon specializing and doing regular chest surgery was in Sydney (I also researched as much as I could on the internet). I thought - if someone is doing it this regularly, they must be good at it. He is kind of a blokey, middle-aged bloke, but he was friendly and positive (we had WAY more trouble with psychiatrists in terms of getting the requisite approval until we we referred by a m2f support group to who the good psychiatrist in this area is - it is Dr Michael Theodoros, by the way). So my son had the surgery and was very happy. He is (and was then 3 years ago) a slim/medium build and there wasn't much tissue to remove, so minimal procedure and minimal scars... But if I'd read these reviews (he wasn't listed then) I would have maybe worried. But seriously, in our case at least it was all good. (I can't comment on how costs compared. We didn't shop around, knowing he was the major person who did it.)

Submitted September 7, 2017

I can't believe all of these negative comments, people are too quick to put up negative reviews and don't tend to share their positive experiences. He is the best surgeon I've ever dealt with (I had several initial consults with other surgeons) and is highly respected by all of the staff at the Greenslopes hospital. I had a radical abdominoplasty and I couldn't be happier. He is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable, worth every dollar.

Submitted May 12, 2017

I had ftm top surgery with Dr B. Not only is he extremely expensive compared to other surgeons he also lacks empathy and seems uninformed about correct terminology that would make any trans guy more comfortable. I went with him because of a short wait time (now I know why) and I can't say I regret that because it saved my life but my chest is a mess and I'm currently serving out wait time to go with another surgeon to mix it. He doesn't even see his errors and is way too confident in his own ability. I'm honestly considering speaking to the board of plastic surgeons but am seeking legal advice. Please don't go with Dr Bartholomeusz. The only benefit are that his staff are very kind- everything he is not.

Submitted April 6, 2017

I had ftm chest surgery with him in 2007. He left me disfugured with major concavities on both sides, asymmetrical nipples and unnecessary long and ill shaped scars. The worst part was his failure to own bis mistake in the beginning. I had more surgery with him at cost to correct his mistakes but it made it even worse. He is a hit n miss arrogant surgeon and not recommended.

Submitted August 7, 2016

I cant believe that someone is so vocal in the media refuses to fix his own patients. What a joke! I am glad he has all the extra years of training to still botch things up.

Submitted September 5, 2015

Dr Bartholomeusz was really nice, and very good with using my chosen name. He was completely willing to answer any questions I had about top surgery, and was willing to accommodate any needs/concerns of mine. The nurses/receptionists are really lovely too. I was quite nervous about attending my consult as I wasn’t sure what to expect. Basically, I had to wait around 2/3 weeks from the date I called their office until my first consult. They asked me pay a $50 deposit to confirm my appointment. I had to pay $110 on the day and I got back $72 from Medicare. Once I saw Dr Bartholomeusz he asked me a bit about myself, what I was studying etc., about my history of gender dysphoria, and my medical history. Then he looked at my chest and told me about the surgery he would be performing. He was quite detailed and very informative. Then we sat down and talked about the price of the surgery. All up, without health insurance he said mine would be around $7000/$8000 (I can’t remember the exact number, but he gives you a sheet with everything on it). At the end I could have had the option to book my surgery for January right then (my appointment was in August), but I still needed my psychiatric assessment, so I opted to wait until I had done that. 
I would highly recommend Dr Bartholomeusz. 

Hugh Bartholomeusz  surgeon

Had a primary rhinoplasty done by this doctor . He made my nose too small and fake looking . Worst descion I've made ever. And if you don't believe me ask to see his before and after photos. He also won't fix the problem if you have any issues.

Submitted August 26, 2014

Eyelid Surgery

Dr Hugh Bartholomeusz, TriRhosen Cosmetic Procedures, Brisbane Australia

Over the last year i have noticed considerable slackness in my eyelid skin. It was getting to the point that the skin was touching my eyelashes. It made me look very tired and older than my years. I decided to have something done about it as i couldn't ever wear eye make up as there was little point due to the amount of slack skin in the lid area. 
I am about to turn 40 years old and aside from slackness issues with the skin on my face, the eyelid skin was a major issue for me and i think having this procedure done will make a marked difference with regards to that tired look people have with hooded eyelids.
I have been on this site for many months looking for a good surgeon however there are few reviews from people who have had treatment in Brisbane. I found Dr Bartholomeusz on the internet not before contacting most of the surgeons around Brisbane who charge between $1800-$4000 for this simple procedure. Obviously the hike in price reflects the difference between having the procedure done under a local or a General. Dr Bartholomeusz offers this procedure under a local and it takes approximately one hour. I chose Dr Bartholomeusz obviously because the price is very competitive and he has a lot of experience as a Cosmetic Surgeon. When i met him initially i knew immediately i would go with him because there was no fluffing around. He didnt try to sell the procedure to me, just told me what he could do and thats good enough for me.
The initial consultation with Dr Bartholomeusz took about half an hour, he asked what i wanted, i told him and he said okay, lets book a date. I said him that i wanted to be able to see the platform that had once been my eyelids. He was realistic in that he said each person is different but that the excess droopy skin would be removed. He explained how this procedure was done, its simplicity in terms of duration and recovery. The waiting time was about 4 weeks but i chose to wait a little longer.

On the day of the procedure i arrived, did not have to wait for long at all, was taken into a surgical room by the Registered Nurse. I lay down on the table, Dr Bartholomeusz marked the eyes, injected some local and then began. The needles were fine, there was a little sensitivity closer to the inside corner of the eye but nothing unbearable. Once the local was injected the RN put ice packs on the eyes to help with swelling. The only part of the procedure i found slightly uncomfortable was when the skin was removed, it felt more strange than anything, however when the stitches were put in on the corner of the eye it stung a little but nothing dramatic. Then the procedure was over, ice pack on the eyes and home. 

I was not nervous or worried about this procedure, needles do not concern me and the fact that Dr Bartholomeusz was so relaxed and confident and has a very good reputation amongst the medical community, there was nothing to be worried about. During the procedure Dr Bartholomeusz and his Nurse talked with me and answered my questions, it was very relaxed. 

Recovery has been great, i must admit the first two days were fairly uncomfortable and as i have a toddler at home, it was difficult to sit around feeling sorry for myself with icepacks glued to my lids. I wouldnt consider driving on the day of surgery, your eyes feel like giant tennis balls and there is quite a bit of pressure. Lying down as much as possible with icepacks is extremely helpful and a great relief. 
Once i hit 3 days post i could pretty much do everything i was doing before except heavy exercise, although im now doing my normal exercise routine with no issues. AFter a few days my eyes started itching incredibly, but now after nearly 6 days its much much better.

Aesthetically, i have platforms. My giant hoods are gone and i can see my eyelashes. Im very happy with the results. Sure there is a little bruising and swelling plus a little bumpy skin but the folds will eventually hide the scars and ive no doubt the scars will disappear. 

The staff at the front desk are very friendly and genuine, there is a very nice atmosphere. The RN is very friendly and knowledgeable. I will be returning to Dr Bartholomeusz in the future.

6 months post upper bleph

It has been 6 months since the upper bleph with Dr Bartholomeusz. The scars are slight and will completely fade in time. The eyes are much more open and youthful. Best decision i made for my face as the drooping lids were very aging. This is a great procedure to open the eyes and give the face a more refreshed look.

Breast Augmentation

Breasts Done over 5 Years Ago: Very Happy from the Very Beginning - Greenslopes, Queensland

My breasts were not the same after having 2 children. I had always been an A cup and wanted a more womanly figure.

Eyelid Surgery

Upper Eyelid Surgery - Ipswich, QLD

I had considered having this done for many years but never had the courage. I am 52 and had heavy hooding of my right eye and slight hooding of my left. My surgeon offered me the option of having it done under local aneasthetic which saved approx $2,000. After the initial injections around the eye area which were painful but quick, I did not feel a thing. The surgeon made the incisions from the inside corner of my eyes right out into my crows feet.It took less than an hour and I was able to go home straight away.

I went back a week later for a checkup and everything was good. Not much bruising although swelling under my eyes which has still not gone completely.

Four weeks later the scars are still quite red but I can cover them up with makeup.

Absolutely love the difference it has made and can't wait to see the effects in coming months when the swelling has completely gone. I would highly recommend having it done.